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Portable Firepit for Car/Bike Camping | Lifedoo UROD Firepit

One of the adventures that I enjoy, is camping from the back of my motorcycle. These excursions are generally solo in nature, even when done as part of a larger group. It is difficult to have my wife accompany on these trips as carrying clothing and camping gear for two-people is all but impossible on most motorcycles.

Lately we have remedied the packing space issue, by turning our camping trips into hybrid, car, bike affairs. My wife follows the group in her vehicle and in this way, she can carry our camping gear, stove, cooler, and food supply, all while sipping a "Dunkin" mocha latte.

Once in camp, we then switch to the bike as our primary mode of transportation, joining our friends for a couple of days of riding in the area. This has turned out to be a great way to have some fun, be comfortable and still enjoy the great outdoors.

Of course, one of the challenges when camping is coming up with great meals. When on the bike alone, I have been limited to small stoves or cooking over the firepit, which can be challenging if you do not have all the proper equipment. When taking the car, this is less of an issue as we can take our two-burner camp-stove, but in that case, we lose the flavor of a good BBQ. Having a portable firepit that can accept both wood and charcoal as fuel would be awesome.

That is where the folks at Lifedoo ( come in. They have created a small, relatively lightweight stove that can be packed flat and assembled in minutes.

Assembling the Lifedoo Firepit:

Lifedoo Firepit Tangs

This is how the stove comes packed.

All of the pieces fit easily in the supplied bag and weight about 17 pounds.

Lifedoo Firepit Tangs

To assemble the stove, you match up the tangs from the side pieces with the appropriate grooves in the end pieces.

Note that there are two positions from which to choose when assembling the firepit. One creates a narrow opening and the other a wider opening; based on your needs.

Lifedoo Firepit Assembled

Once you have one end in place, set the stove up and attach the opposite end. The whole process takes a few seconds.

After the stove has been assembled, simply place the fuel rack and support arms for the cooking grill.

NOTE: when using the cooking grill, always use all three support pieces. I will explain why in a few minutes.

The firepit comes with a ash collection pan to make it more environmentally friendly and make cleanup a bit easier. All pieces of the firepit fit into the ash pan for storage.

Disassembly is just as easy.

Cooking with the Lifedoo Firepit:

After assembling my Lifedoo UROD firepit, I decided to try cooking on it. As I did not have any charcoal available, I used wood. I figured this would be a good test as getting a wood fire to light and remain hot is not easy if the ventilation is not adequate.

Lifedoo Firepit Buring Wood

I used some fire starter that I had available and placed three split pieces of wood into the stove. It lit and remained burning with only a small amount of repositioning from me. I found the ventilation of the Lifedoo firepit to me more than adequate for the job.

Lifedoo Firepit Burgers

Once my fire was going, I placed a couple of frozen burgers on to test it out.

This was a mistake because after a few minutes the cooking rack became hot enough to start drooping. As soon as I notice I inserted the middle support, however the damage had already been done and the rack was slightly bowed.

Lifedoo Firepit Sagging Rack

This is the one complaint I have about the Lifedoo Firepit. I expected the cooking rack to be made of harder steal so that it can withstand the high heats of cooking over an open flame. Even this would have been ok, if I had been given warning, but the stove came with no instructions.

Not, that big of a deal, I can straighten out the cooking rack and will never again use it with out all three supports in place.

Lifedoo Firepit Cooked Burgers

Another warning is that the cooking rack, especially with the stove in the wide configuration, tends to move very easily. This could have been exacerbated by the bowing; however, it is a good idea to always hold the cooking rack when turning or removing your food. I think this is a good idea on all grills of this type.

Even with these minor issues, the firepit worked very well and the hamburgers were excellent.

What is UROD?

I am sure you are wondering what the name UROD means? It is an acronym for YOU-R-OUR-DESIGNER. Lifedoo prides themselves in taking customer input and using it to help make their products even better. So, if you buy this stove and have a complaint or suggestion, like I do, then let them know and they will work to implement your suggestion(s). Within reason of course.

Would I buy the Lifedoo UROD Firepit?

In full disclosure, Lifedoo gave me this stove in exchange for doing this review. So, the natural question is after trying the firepit would I buy it? The answer to this question is yes. I think that for the price of $89.99 this is a good tool for car camping excursions. It packs easily and works very well. I think it will be a welcome addition to our group camping excursions.

Next time I am going to try cooking with charcoal. I think Salmon is on the menu for this evening!


In summary, I think the Lifedoo UROD firepit is perfect for car camping, but if I am honest, I think I can easily carry the stove on my bike when traveling alone. The way I have my Yamaha Super Tenere set up, there is a large flat platform for carrying luggage and In the past, I have thrown my two-burner camp stove on the back during one of our group camping excursions.

The Lifedoo UROD firepit might be a little heaver than the stove, but it packs much flatter and thus takes up less room. I would not want to do this on a long trip, but when we head out for a long weekend of camping, staying in same location for two or three days, I don’t see any reason why I cannot bring it along. I think however I would leave the ash pan at home and just be more diligent about cleaning up after myself. That would save a lot of space and pound or so of weight.

Purchasing the Lifedoo UROD Stove:

To purchase the Lifedoo Firepit you can use the link and discount code below. Lifedoo is offering my viewers a 15% discount off the normal price of $89.99 when purchasing from their website or through the Amazon link below.

Discount Code: 15LIVINGOTS



Once you have had a chance to use the Firepit, please leave an honest review on Amazon. Lifedoo is looking for real life feedback!

Ride safe my friends!
--Craig Ripley

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